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in cooperation with Harald Hund
DV PAL 12:00 min
german or english subtitles
translation: Jonathan Quinn

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Different communities often live side by side in modern cities without knowing each other’s culture or language. As at Yppenplatz, in the 16th district of Vienna, where many Turkish immigrants and artists live because of low rents, a large street market, outdoor areas and cultural diversity. Is it possible that people share sympathies without understanding each other literally? Is language that important for communication? Is it possible that language separates people rather than bringing them together?

The film was made for an art festival held around Yppenplatz in Vienna. It is based on a video of low quality we rented from a Turkish video store. We could not understand a word of the original. So we made our own story out of some excerpts, relocating the Turkish story in the art world. Belly dancers became performance artists, and cold-hearted men became curators and gallery owners. It’s the misunderstandings that make difference visible. And why should we all be equal?