TQW-Tanzquartier Wien, Halle G
in cooperation with Daniel Aschwanden, Peter Stamer
set: Veronika Barnas, Paul Horn

„In June 2009 Aschwanden and Stamer accompanied two Chinese banknotes on their way through China. They recorded their circulation and the encounter with the temporary holders. Through the path of the money from one hand to the other, they dipped into the every-day life of more than 40 people with all their hopes and fears in contemporary China. In the Vienna version of THE PATH OF MONEY the performers Daniel Aschwanden and Peter Stamer take the audience in Hall G into a communication centre, and lay the table with a multi-course meal of food, experiences and tales. Hard-boiled and soft-boiled from the Chinese micro and macro economy for globalised gourmets and those who would like to be.“
(from the programme booklet)

The setting was based on striking impressions taken from film footage of everyday life in China: heavy smog in the cities, eating in public, creative improvisation on the streets (in an economy largely based on small-scale or one-person enterprises) etc.