2012 PULPITS (objects)

pulpit10, 2012; 50x40x30cm, tin can, 7" monitor with sound
PULPIT (R.Reagan,MLKspeechComp,SudanesianGirl,S.Suzuki)_2011, 50x60x100cm, wood,cardboard,monitor PULPIT (televangelist,singer,BenediktXVI)_2011, 80x40x40cm, wood,metal,acrylic glass,monitor PULPIT (singer,televangelist,BenediktXVI,)_2011, 80×40x40cm, wood,metal,acrylic glass,monitor PULPIT (muezzin)_2011, 110×50x60cm, cast-iron stove,lamp,glass bubble,monitor PULPIT (CheGuevara,MartinLutherKing,DesmondTutu)_2011, 110×70x50cm, wood,guitar,monitor PULPIT (muezzin)_2011, 90×40x40cm, metal pot,plastic bucket,color changing lamp,wood,monitor PULPIT (muezzin1)_2011, 90×40x40cm, metal pot,plastic bucket,color changing lamp,wood,monitor PULPIT (NoamChomsky)_2011, 110×70x60cm, basketwork,wood,lamp,monitor PULPIT (A.Hitler,B.Mussolini,J.Stalin)_2011, 70×40x40cm, sheet metal,wood,monitor PULPIT (North Korea1)_2011, 70×50×40cm, DimSum-busket,wood,lamp,monitor PULPIT (North Korea)_2011, 70×50x40cm, DimSum-busket,wood,lamp,monitor WhyAlwaysMe_Budapest WhyAlwaysMe_Budapest1 WhyAlwaysMe_Budapest2 kanzel10, 2012; 50x40x30cm, tin can, 7"monitor with sound

objects of the solo show WHY ALWAYS ME (warum immer ich) 2011 at the KnollGalerieWien (A) and Budapest (H) and the Viennafair 2012

These model pulpits are using classic forms of pulpits (romanesque and gothic age, classicism) as well as forms of minarets, speaker`s desks, reliquary shrines etc. They are fixed on edges (where you usually do not hang art objects). On the integrated monitors you see videos that contrapose different forms of speaking, speeching, preaching, manifesting.

the videos:

Barack Obama speaks on expanding oil and gas pipelines of the US

Ronald Reagan tells russian jokes

MartinLutherKing Jr. Oratory Competition winners Tamia Gaines and Christian Burgs
African girl (anonymous) cites a passage of the Quran (Koran)
Sevem Suzuki speaks for ECO (environmental children organization) at the UN
Pope Benedict XVI speaks at the World Youth Day in Australia
Televangelist Kerney Thomas
Rod Boucher „one mans band“ sings JESUS LOVES YOU
Muezzin Zadeh Grandson sings an Azan
young child (anonymous) cites the Qur`an (Koran)
Martin Luther Kings Jrs. last speech (the „promised land“)
Che Guevara about „the bestiality of northamerican imperialism“ 1965
Bishop Desmond Tutu at the opening of the soccer World Cup 2010
various TV-Muezzins
Noam Chomsky about „when elites fail“
Adolf Hitler speaks at the „der 6. Parteitag der Bewegung“
Benito Mussolini „to the american people“
Josef Stalin (Iosif Vissarionovic Stalin) in the Bolshoi Theater (Moscow) about the new Soviet Constitution, December 11, 1937
various speakers at the anti-US Rally to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War; Pyongyang, North Korea