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set design for the theater group „Liz Art Productions“ in the Kosmos Theater (Vienna/A)
Idea and Performance: Cornelia Scheuer, Elisabeth Löffler
Director:  Yosi Wanunu
Video: Michael Strohmann
Production: Kornelia Kilga


(from the programme booklet:)

Elastic Woman und Octopus Girl once were the stars of the Vaudeville and Circus scene –
until personal and professional conflicts ruined their successful
Partnership. By popular demand, the two are now returning
for a one-time benefit from their exile back to the
Stage, give an „Encore“ of their distinctive, infamous,
yes death-defying numbers. See again the tightrope, the
elegant horse show, the hanging body and other acts from their
Program that made ??them legendary entertainer of her era.
Can the old duo bring back the good old days? can they
find their attraction? Their friendship? Or are they
only aging fools who want to indulge once again in the splendor of show business?