2014 DailY Struggle!


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group show at the HDLU (association of croatian artists) in Zagreb (CR) curated by Paul Horn

ANA Elizabet
Sandra Fockenberger
Paul Horn
Ursula Hübner
Alfred Lenz
Moritz M. Polansky

The show „dailY Struggle!“ took place in the Ring-Gallery of the Mestrovic-Pavillon, home of the HDLU, which once has been a museum, a public art institution, even a mosque for a short period of time before it became again a space for art shows in the 90ies of the 20th century.
The show was designed as a round course with obstacles and little problems to solve.

(from the program booklet:)

dailY Struggle“ exhibits works that deal with problems that people face in everyday life. It is less concerned with the “struggle to survive” or the big questions, such as the deeper meaning of all things or long term career strategies, and more with the sum of small events or difficulties we try to overcome daily, such as: “How will I get out of bed? Why is the clutch sticking? How will I take out the trash without ripping the bag?”

(radio broadcast:)

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