soloshow (DERZEIT-IRRE-KUNST, DER-KUNST-IHRE-FREIZEIT) at the KnollGalerieWien (A)

(The title of the show plays with the motto of the Vienna Secession „Der Zeit Ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Freiheit“ – to every age its art, to art its freedom) 

The show had various objects, paintings and a video projection:

„Zimmerbrunnen“ (see image N°1) is an object, that uses the technic of aquaponic systems (a combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics). A large tank guarantees that for a period of minimum 6 months no water has to be added to the system. A biological filter system transforms the excrements of living snails to nitrite and nitrate, fertilizing a plant, which in this setting is an ivy (Rhaphidophora aurea). Alternatively you can add your own piss (ammoniac) to the system.

„Artificial neighbour“ (see image N°2) uses the sound of a toilet flush. Four flushing bell syphons are installed inside of canisters positioned one under another. The closed water circulation system is operated using a small pump. By that you get the impression you constantly hear your neighbors using their toilets or taking a shower.

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The „chandeliers“ (image 3, 5, 6, 7) are made from used bicycle rims, lenses of old cameras, glasses and bottles.