2015 SHIFT CHANGE / schichtwechsel


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SHIFT CHANGE-slogging away in Ebensee / SCHICHTWECHSEL-Hackeln in Ebensee
film trailer for the FESTIVAL OF REGIONS 2015

in Ebensee (A)
HD 1:30min, 0:45min, 0:15min

The Festival of Regions
scouts a region or town in Upper Austria every two years. Away from urban concentrations and cultural centres, a program with contemporary art and culture as an attractive option for the residents and a broad, curious public is shaped and commu­nicated. Apart from regional, supraregional and international participation by art­makers, collaboration is sought with local associations, institutions and good individual forces to anchor the festival on location and to leave behind traces that are as distinct as possible.

The festival venue, Ebensee:
If you ask locals about the region’s identity, you soon get to hear that customs here are a bit rougher than elsewhere. In fact, ‘red’ Ebensee has a long tradition of resistance and a reputation of non-conformity and contrariness, but also of solidarity. The town was founded around 1607 as a workers’ settlement when salt production began; to the present day, the salt-works are the region’s major employer. The location on the southern shores of Traunsee is really idyllic, but it is impaired by the very busy road that cuts the town off from the lake’s shores. The existence of 99 associations indicates that communal cultural life is an important factor.